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Lidded Walnut Jar

From a log I cut last year from a fallen tree. Cut on a day that was about 110 degrees in the shade! It was time to move this along now that it had seasoned for almost a year. Plenty of sap wood to accentuate the dark walnut grain. The lid shown here did not please me so I replaced it with a solid cherry one (can be seen at Etsy with the new lid)

Currently Available in my Etsy Store

Recreation of past green dyed urn

Once again I turned something similar to one I really liked that sold recently. I didn’t bring the photo up of the old project since I didn’t want to duplicate it. I went back after finishing and looked though and I like this one even better. Up to  6 coats of lacquer but I plan on a few more to take care of a few flat spots. This was the first day I had to spray outside for quite a while. Rain did come in a couple of hours after I finished, I guess I got lucky. The lid is some canary wood of which I have a few small pieces squirreled away. This will probably end up on Etsy next week.

Another spalted wood lidded pot

I sold my favorite spalted piece at Oxford Day a few weeks ago (a very successful show despite the nasty weather). It was the only piece on display with no price and I had the buyer dicker for it since I was not that keen on selling. This one is a variation on that design of the spalted wood with darker top and bottom. The darker wood is sapele and I believe the spalted section is oak (maybe, perhaps). There is a bit of bug damage which actually adds some character to the piece.

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