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Turning a change dish

2016-06-12 13I still have a large Sapele board in stock and wanted to turn something from it. Sapele has a natural chatoyance to it that just pops out when finish is applied. I also got some black leather dye that I wanted to try on the rim. The flower motif was a perfect embellishment for this project. Dish is about 6″ in diameter with lacquer finish.

I wanted to get my new light box built to get better photos but got distracted on shop upgrades — building drawers, painting cabinets and painting the floor. The upgrades are almost done (round 1) so I can get back to that soon.

One Bad Apple

2016-06-05 10This piece has been sitting around since I turned and colored it months ago. It originally had a black top and just didn’t excite me. Last week I decided to revisit the top and here is the result. A bit whimsical but certainly better than the original. 2016-06-05 12i still need another half dozen coats of lacquer to shine up the apple and lid (which I found out was some sort of particle board material which did give it an interesting texture for coloring).

Turned bowl with acrylic paint

2016-05-29 16This bowl was going to be another black one to replace all the ones that sold but I just wasn’t pleased with the finish. The answer was to cover the bulk of the bowl with my acrylic flower motif. The lid is a piece of cherry with an inset black spindle with is a deviation from the spindles I normally turn.2016-05-29 17 It just helps with the lift on the top half of the bowl. I had thought about bringing the flowers all the to the top but I think just bringing them up the sides was just enough. The bowl is maple and has been left naked inside.

Turning more magnolia

2016-05-19 15The magnolia was so much fun to turn, let’s just say one good turn deserves another. This one has a base and lid turned from some sycamore2016-05-19 153re that I cut into boards last year. The spindle is Brazilian Cherry. I just got a big load of maple this week so that will be used for quite a few upcoming projects.

In the works

2016-05-08 15I have a lot of projects going on in different stages. Many are back logged waiting for lacquer and the weather has just not been cooperating with me. This piece was from a log someone left me that I thought was poplar due to the grain and coloration but the donor showed up and told me it was magnolia. What a joy to turn it was. The whiteness screamed for color but the grain patterns were wonderful. This one wanted an indigo blue which I had to custom mix from some batik dyes I had been wanting to experiment with. My wife thought it was the best color job yet. With practice comes proficiency. I was able to take it outside and put a sealer coat on yesterday since it was sunny and fairly warm but the winds were a bit much to do a lot of spraying so I have 2 other projects waiting in the wings.

Turning Midnight Blue

2016-05-01 15I have many projects in the almost finished stage and where I go with them depends on my mood. This piece has been sitting for about 3 weeks and I needed to get it on the done list which primarily consisted of  making the lid and spindle and cutting the tenon off the bottom of the pot2016-05-01 16. I wanted a lid that complemented the vase so I used the same color scheme and added a black field beneath the spindle to match the neck. The spindle was a piece of cherry from the scrap box that was perfect for this piece.

Dying for the blues

2016-03-25 15I found a whole branch of spalted wood out next to my shed that had been hanging around (not literally) for quite a while. I suspect it may have been from the pecan tree we had trimmed a few year ago but I’m not quite sure. I wanted to play the blues and had some new dyes that needed to be experimented with so this is what I came up with. The neck is actually a piece of sycamore and it got a hair line crack after gluing it in so that needs to be dealt with somehow. The lid is just a piece of poplar with more dye. It may may the crowning achievement of this pot. The main body is very grainy so it need many more wet sandings and coats of lacquer before I consider it a finished piece but it will be done this week in any case. I also have a couple more in progress that I’m working on that are totally different.

Snow Day

2016-02-15 14.30.27I got an unexpected free day in the shop when we awoke to a good snow storm. I finished several works in progress and even had a bit of time to play a bit. This time with acrylic paints on a black ink background. This bowl was a “toss away” since it had a big gouge in it so it was perfect to practice on. After the “spatter job” I coated the whole think in satin finish lacquer.

2016-02-21 13.53.57

Bowl #2 with acrylics