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Resizing and Cropping Photos

The advent of digital cameras has put digital photography in everyone's hand. The problem is that most users don't understand about picture sizes. The typical camera takes high-resolution picture which is great for printing but bad for web and email use. A picture straight off a camera weighs in at over 1 megabyte in file size. A typical web photo however should be no more than 50 - 60 kilobyte (1024 kilobyte = 1 megabyte). This is where resizing cropping and optimizing comes along.

uncropped cropped version

File Compression also known as jpg optimization is compressing the file for faster downloads. The amount of compression applied does affect the final look of the image so you may need to experiment to find your "comfort spot". Large areas of solid colors, especially red, will not compress as well as details and larger photos can not be compressed as much as smaller photos. I generally use about 26% with no visible image degradation.

no compression

No compression - 44 kb

15% compression

15% compression - 15 kb

25% compression

25% compression - 13 kb

50% compression

50% compression - 5 kb


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