Ebony no Ivory

2015-12-27 14.50.20The ebonizing project was a resounding success. It actually started out as a dyed project that went horribly wrong. It sat on the work bench for almost a year before it was time to decide whether to bin it or do something with it. The process was so simple yet elegant. With my old stand by — the common Q tip and a bottle of India Ink, I was able to go from trash to treasure in a matter of minutes and end up with a true black. I wanted an ivory colored lid but this piece of quilted maple was the best I could do and it just looks right against the stark black. And since it was a sunny 70 degree day (on a December  27th) I got out my new spray gun and did multiple pieces that had been waiting for just that kind of weather. This one only got one coat to seal in the ink and it ended up with a nice low luster sheen just like I wanted. I really needs to be handled to be truly appreciated though. This one will be residing on my mantle  since it was a Christmas gift for my wife.2015-12-27 14.50.272015-12-27 14.50.36

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