Turning a Dyed Vessel

2016-01-10 15.41.14Another forest type project yesterday –also taking advantage of a dip in the wood where I left the bark on. This is a piece of sycamore that needed to be something other than a piece of wood. It stands about 6″ tall and almost 5″ and the widest part. I used a base coat of yellow and light green water based dye as a wash and after drying over night I switched to alcohol dye and a fine sharpie to do the stylistic tree motif. As of yesterday I was up to 6 coats of lacquer but I think it needs more so I rubbed back the finish in preparation for the finish coats. I also need to do a lid for this one. 2016-01-10 15.41.24  2016-01-10 15.41.42


And here it is with the new lid.

2016-01-17 16.55.47

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