2013-12-26 12.30.06It would be wrong to do a post called Sisters and not do a Brothers post. I tend to work in multiples since it help solidify any new skills you pick up so I did 2 (almost 3) of these little vessels. They are both mahogany with hints of dye and are done as 3 operations with the bases and finials added on. I did try one out of walnut (my wood of choice) but it was a bit suspicious to say the least and blew apart on me after an hour into the project. Immediately would have been the best time since I was making it for a friend I was going to visit in a few hours. Now I know exactly how long it takes to make one from start to finish since I had to quickly change gears and start another one. I did get there on time and they loved the vessel! So did I.

2013-12-27 12.18.102013-12-27 09.14.15

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