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Back from Vacation

I just got back from spending a week out in Sedona Arizona and would highly recommend that destination to anyone. If you do make the trip, go on up to Jerome and visit that little town which is a mecca of local artisans.

I haven’t had any driving desire to make anything since my return but did find a cache of test tubes while doing some clean up in the work shop. I had bought these to do bud vases so I had to do one just to justify having them in stock. This one (below) was a piece of holly that had been sitting on the shelf since early 2014 and was such a small piece that it was perfect for this project. 

Artist Tour Follow-up


Customers at Oxford Artists Tour

I had a great time at the the tour and met a lot of very interesting folks. The weather was gorgeous after anticipating hurricane conditions. I was also able to sell 20% of my inventory on hand, so I have been working hard to replace the items I sold to have plenty for the holiday season. I often get on a theme and keep it up so I used up some more of my spalted wood stash to go back to my “honeypot” design from a couple of years ago. This piece is spalted oak with sapele top and bottom and would be perfect for holding tea bags or anything else you may have in mind.



Oxford Artists’ Studio Tour

Getting ready to work the  Oxford Artists’ Studio Tour on Sunday, from noon to 4 PM in Oxford, MD. Will be sharing space with Sean Wells who is a fantastic painter! Hopefully it will be a learning experience for me in more than a few ways. I am delighted to move some inventory from the shop — more than 30 pieces. Some have been shown here, some not.

2016-09-02 16.22.31

Where’s the recent posts?

2016-04-12 15I thought since I left my day job I would have more time to turn wood — wrong! Last week I got a small injury on my stationary sander taking almost all the skin off the middle finger of my left hand which held me back a bit. I am finishing a building project at the house. I also had to take my guitar to get the bridge glued back on for the time when the finger heals and I can actually play again. I did have a lot of wood show up in front of the shop. This piece I started was from an unknown source and I wasn’t quite sure what it was until I started turning. I found it to be poplar and it turns like butter. This one has gone through several trips to the microwave and the moisture level is now down below 10%. I’d say it was dry. This piece is screaming for color so colored it shall be when I decide how I want to approach it. Finish project coming soon (hopefully).

More ways to look and buy

apoth1My meeting with the Apothecary went great yesterday and they took all the sample pieces I took up. They were so taken with the colored pieces that I left there feeling like a celebrity. I didn’t even know this place existed but they are located on Hanson Street and offer Acupuncture, skin care, massage and yoga in addition to the herbs. Visit their website for more information.

Retirement – Day 2

2016-03-17 14Okay, I missed day 1. I had quite a few celebratory beers Tuesday night and was slow going on Wednesday although I did get quite a bit of cleaning done. Thursday I got a bunch of pieces ready and took them up to the Green Phoenix in Easton. She just loved them all and I am totally out of the flower bowls now so I had to do one more of those. I also started on a new lidded bowl (to the left). I have a new lead on an apothecary who would like to see my work to sell in his

Wednesday's Project

Wednesday’s Project

store so I need more of the jar type vessels. This one is a piece of willow and the first time I have ever turned willow. It was freshly cut and still quite moist but I got the moisture down to 15% now with the microwave and today I can get it further. The vessel is screaming for color and who am I to deny it. Will post the result tomorrow.