Dying for the blues

2016-03-25 15I found a whole branch of spalted wood out next to my shed that had been hanging around (not literally) for quite a while. I suspect it may have been from the pecan tree we had trimmed a few year ago but I’m not quite sure. I wanted to play the blues and had some new dyes that needed to be experimented with so this is what I came up with. The neck is actually a piece of sycamore and it got a hair line crack after gluing it in so that needs to be dealt with somehow. The lid is just a piece of poplar with more dye. It may may the crowning achievement of this pot. The main body┬áis very grainy so it need many more wet sandings and coats of lacquer before I consider it a finished piece but it will be done this week in any case. I also have a couple more in progress that I’m working on that are totally different.

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