Element 2 – Fire

Turned sycamore urn with fire colors

Up From The Embers – Element 2

I call this one “Up From The Embers“. I decided to do an element series of urns using different colors and techniques — all from Sycamore which is white enough to give me a blank canvas to work with.  On this particular piece I used red, black and yellow alcohol dyes. Although many of the application techniques were the same I used on the Mother Earth piece, the effect is totally different. It does have a fire feel to the appearance. I also brought the colors up to the finial. I felt it needed a bit of natural wood to rein the colors in a bit so I used walnut for the lid and transitioned into that with a purple heart rim. I used a gloss acrylic to get a high gloss finish. I like the look but the piece feels a bit “plasticy”. The next in the series has 10 coats of lacquer which feels a bit better — but nothing feels quite like wood except wood. That should be posted next weekend and the hint is “water”.

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