Experimenting with spraying lacquer

2015-12-13 17.06.04It was such a gorgeous day out yesterday (69 degrees in the middle of December!) that I decided to try my hand at using a spray gun to spray lacquer. I don’t have a proper spray gun yet but tried my “little critter” gun instead. It worked just fine for the lacquer but had way too much over spray so I am ordering a real gun today. The pot to the left was one I experimented with. It had about 8 coats by the end of the day and now has been fine sanded in preparation for some more finish coats. The top shown is actually from another pot and I used it as a test to see what kind of top would look the best on this piece — that’s not what I’ll be using, I have something else in mind. I actually doesn’t look bad with the low sheen but I want to keep the experiment going.

2015-12-13 11.38.05

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