Final Countdown

2016-03-13 17I took the plunge and decided to retire from my day job. It was not very fulfilling and after 35 years of stifling my creativity by spending 40 hours a week doing mundane work I need to stretch the boundaries and see what I could do in the shop. Consequently I had a string of well-wishers stop by the shop over the weekend and though I had several projects going, this walnut piece was the only one that got to the almost complete stage. The first day of freedom is Wednesday and is already scheduled to be massive shop clean up day which has been totally ignored due to the limited time i have had out there up until now.

One thought on “Final Countdown

  1. Robert Hammond

    Congratulations!! As I have found with retirement, you wonder how you ever found time to work. I’m sure that while you have many good memories of your career, you will not regret spending your days working on something you are passionate about.
    It has been a pleasure working with you and reading your blog everyday. I’m sure John realizes that your blog in many ways was the “public face” of Dickerson Boatyard and kept your customers connected and informed of the excellent work being done there. I will really miss not checking it out everyday as well as stopping in to chat from time. I’ll keep in touch and continue working with you through CBGBOA. Best wishes to you and Willoworks!!!!

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