Too much time on my hands

2016-03-20 15As promised, the willow pot that got colored. Actually it got recolored, the first dye job was too much of a bright red and looked a bit garish or maybe juvenile. Unfortunately I didn’t think of that until I already had a couple of coats of lacquer on it. I sanded back the lacquer a bit and then wiped down with lacquer thinner and rubbed alcohol based blue indigo dye on hoping to get a shade of purple. What I actually got was another smoky ember effect which honestly looks better than purple would have. Not sure about the lid yet — I’ll have to look at it a few more days yet. Maybe a natural wood wood be better.


I have so many projects going on at once that sometimes I lose track of what I had in mind for a certain piece. I feel driven like I’m just on a long weekend and need to get as much as I can in before going back to work. Eventually I’ll accept that every day is a weekend and I can relax a bit more.

One thought on “Too much time on my hands

  1. Max Warden

    Just logged on OYA and found that you retired. I knew you were planning on going out this year, but did not realize the date had arrived. I know many others as well as I will miss reading your informative blogs. During my boating years, I learned a great deal from them as well as from your maintenance section. We have been here in FL for four years and are now planning on moving out to Seattle to be closer to the family. My son sails a daysailer on Lake Washington, so I’ll be doing some more sailing and varnishing. Alan, thanks for the all the advice and help over the years. Very best wishes to you in your retirement.

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