Overseas Bound

10191I have to fulfill an order from England for a shop. The owner has his own “private label” mead and wanted to offer some hand-turned goblets. And he wanted goblets made in the USA. He didn’t care what they were–my choice. I had one very nice walnut one that I am sending but I wanted something a bit different. This is sycamore and the stem, as you can guess, has been dyed black with a hint of burgundy. It is all one piece but give the illusion of a two piece goblet.  I also thought it should have a mate because if you are buying gifts, you will probably want a pair of them. Creating one from scratch is fun but duplicating it is just work. Notice it has not been cut off yet. I have some special finish coming that is food safe and alcohol friendly and I want to chuck this back up to apply it.

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