Retirement – Day 2

2016-03-17 14Okay, I missed day 1. I had quite a few celebratory beers Tuesday night and was slow going on Wednesday although I did get quite a bit of cleaning done. Thursday I got a bunch of pieces ready and took them up to the Green Phoenix in Easton. She just loved them all and I am totally out of the flower bowls now so I had to do one more of those. I also started on a new lidded bowl (to the left). I have a new lead on an apothecary who would like to see my work to sell in his

Wednesday's Project

Wednesday’s Project

store so I need more of the jar type vessels. This one is a piece of willow and the first time I have ever turned willow. It was freshly cut and still quite moist but I got the moisture down to 15% now with the microwave and today I can get it further. The vessel is screaming for color and who am I to deny it. Will post the result tomorrow.

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