River Bottom – Work in progress

2015-10-25 16.20.14I took the Going Green piece up to the Green Phoenix¬†this weekend and already had separation anxiety before leaving. She loved the colored pieces as do I so I needed to replace that one with another green piece – this one titled “River Bottom” to compliment the “Ocean Bottom” piece I did a while back (this is also up at the Phoenix). The Ocean Bottom was shade of blue and green but the rivers around here are green and murky so that’s what came out of this piece of locust. It already had dark areas which I accented with greens and browns. The primary colors were water based dyes and the olive green colors were created by rubbing alcohol based dye over the water dye to do some blending.

And speaking of green this one was turned while the wood was still green so it will sit on my bench for a while so I can be sure it won’t crack as it finishes drying. That shouldn’t take long since I turned it quite thin.¬†2015-10-25 16.20.002015-10-25 16.20.20








After I’m sure it won’t crack, I’ll finish building the lacquer and turn the top. I have great hopes for this one!

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