Salt from the cellar

2015-01-17 16.53.42I need a salt cellar to keep on my stove. I do a lot of cooking and when I found these I just wanted one. This is a prototype and the next will be a bigger diameter but to experiment I just picked up a scrap of walnut and put a purpleheart top on it. It has a swivel pin and magnets to close it. The next will be more decorative but this one is functional and I will be putting it use immediately!The second one is a bit more decorative but I missed the hole when I drilled for the magnets so the top is off about 1/64″ – which doesn’t seem like a lot but you can feel it. It occurred to me later to make a template for doing this so in the future I can avoid this problem.

2015-01-18 13.37.002015-01-18 13.37.09

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