Calabash Bowl

2015-11-29 16.48.11I call it a small fruit bowl but is is about 9″ in diameter. This was an experiment in turning wet wood. This piece of Beech was cut last week and I normally wait a long time for it to season but I really wanted to see what I could do with it. My process was to turn it thick, put in the microwave, turn some more, put back in the microwave, turn some more….. you get the picture. Oh, it also involved a lot of slinging water!  I think it took 5 trips to the oven before it seemed dry enough to color. Now I have it sitting in the house on the “wait and see” program. If it warps or cracks I’ll write it off as a learning process. Update: Dec. 22still no sign of any cracking or warping. Update: Dec 25 – gave it as a gift to the hostess, my unofficial mom during the annual Christmas Eve party. It was a huge hit!

The lighting is horrible for taking a photo in the kitchen!

2015-11-29 17.05.502015-11-29 16.48.17

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