The Color Purple – A lidded turned vase

photo 1As promised, a new piece today — and of course it is colored. I hadn’t used any purple in my projects and it was time to give that a shot. It wasn’t really bright enough in my light box to bring out the blues peeking out from the purple color in a tie-dyed effect, but they are there and it is a very nice touch. I tried using a bit of fabric dye (Jacquard Procion MX Dye) to get a nice cobalt blue since I had not been able to really get the depth of color by mixing. It worked great but I found that they were a bit harder to blend than regular wood dyes. I also sealed it with a coat of spray shellac before applying the lacquer. May not have been a good idea as I kept getting fisheyes in the lacquer. It may not have been the reason but I don’t think I’ll try it again on a nice piece. As an accent the knob on top of the lid is purple heart and although it looks brown now, it should start reverting to purple in a few days.

On this project L time to turn vase — about one hour;  time to color — about 2.5 hours;  time to finish — about 3.5 hours. It almost makes me reconsider doing these colored turnings with the high sheen. It’s too bad I like them so much.

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