Turned Wood Spittoon

2015-12-19 17.27.14That’s right — a spittoon turned out of more of that still-green beech but don’t spit in it please! This is the raw project which leads to a longer story. I bought a new spray gun this week and as I usually am impatient, I wanted to try it out this weekend. I spent hours coloring this bowl and it turned out great — beautiful colors and blends while incorporating that nice pink knot into the design. It was going to go to a special friend on Christmas Eve. Well I can’t spray lacquer inside my shop so I set up in the driveway, despite the cold weather we had on Sunday. The gun worked great but in a fit of over-zealousness I got a bit of a run. While trying to wet sand that out I found the lacquer had not cured below the surface. I’m now afraid of sanding into the dye. Needless to say some repair work will need to be done on Christmas Eve morning which was not on my schedule. If it turns out, I’ll post a photo. Mistakes are a good thing if you learn something from them. Lesson learned this time: give lacquer ample opportunity to dry before sanding!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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