Turning a walnut cannister

2016-02-15 13.22.04I was running short on wood inside the shop and it was way too cold to be outside with the chainsaw so I worked with what I could find. This piece of walnut evolved after cutting away all the junk and working within the bounds of the shape available. There were some cracks in it but I decided to abandon the CA glue fix as it tends to stain the wood. instead, I resorted to an old woodworking trick and used white glue. I just put glue in the crack and sanded enough to get it to turn into a wood paste. Barely visible at this point. To deal with the cracks on the rim I picked up a cut off ash ring from an old project that just happened to be the right size (how often would that happen?). The lid is a piece of mahogany from an old plaque. Waste not want not.

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