Turning Fire

2015-10-04 13.05.24I am still riding the color train at least until it reaches the station. This one is some mystery wood that was quite splotchy. If you have splotchy wood color is perfect for making it behave. The lid is just a piece of poplar dyed black to match the rim. This one was going to have a black foot on it as well but I determined that it didn’t really need it. This one is just a sealer coat of shellac with several coats of wax so it feels very nice. Measures about 8″ tall.

I have 3 more blanks prepared from this wood and 2 of them are already roughed out into pieces. Those 2 are (hopefully) going to be waterfowl related to get them into the shop in Easton for Waterfowl Festival. I already have in mind what I want to do but  during the process it is subject to change — as always.
2015-10-04 13.05.30    2015-10-04 13.05.45

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