Unnatural Edge Turned Deep Dish Bowl

2016-01-02 17.08.07Okay, a bit over the top I know but everybody turns natural edge bowls and as we know, I’m not everybody! I started on a natural edge bowl but decided to remove the bark and use colored epoxy on the rim just to see what it would look like. I also wanted to color the outside and it was easy to go to the epoxy that to color up close to bark. The epoxy was colored with powdered dye and although it was 5 minute epoxy the dye seemed to slow the drying down to maybe 20-30 minutes before I could sand. The piece now has a high lacquer shine but I may rub it down to a satin. The rim could have been sanded a bit better – there is a bit of pitting. Also in retrospect the color should have been more of a contrast but it was an experimental piece — I gotz plenty o’ wood!

2016-01-02 17.07.51    2016-01-02 17.07.56

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