Update on Spittoon Turning

DSCN0999Okay, I was able to break away to the shop for a while on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for a while and get this finish job complete. I don’t think anyone else can notice where the finish repair was made – I can because I know where to look. I brushed several thinned layers of lacquer¬†on the first day and yesterday went out and gave it a good wet sanding and added two layers of spray lacquer on. I couldn’t get out the new spray gun because it was raining outside. While that dried I started ebonizing a piece where the color job was not pleasing me. I should have that complete today.

Since I am on 2 weeks of vacation time I can get a lot done — both in the shop and around the house. I hope to post the ebony project tomorrow.


By the way, this piece was a really big hit with the person who received it. That makes every minute I spent on it worth it.  DSCN1001

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