Wood Gloat 2

2014-12-21 15.51.46Sycamore is one of my favorite woods since I found a pallet made from it a couple of years ago. I don’t normally make vessels primarily out of white wood except for an accent or feature ring but who knows. A friend trimmed a great big Sycamore tree and brought me some very nice sized branches. 2014-12-07 14.28.57They sat there for a few weeks but I noticed just a small amount of checking so decided it was time to debark and seal them before losing the whole lot. I did turn him a nice little vase which I dried with the microwave technique. I was able to get the moisture level down to about 9% which is as low as most of the wood I turn. Time will tell but I turned it 2 weeks ago and it has not warped or cracked yet.

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