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Dying for the blues

2016-03-25 15I found a whole branch of spalted wood out next to my shed that had been hanging around (not literally) for quite a while. I suspect it may have been from the pecan tree we had trimmed a few year ago but I’m not quite sure. I wanted to play the blues and had some new dyes that needed to be experimented with so this is what I came up with. The neck is actually a piece of sycamore and it got a hair line crack after gluing it in so that needs to be dealt with somehow. The lid is just a piece of poplar with more dye. It may may the crowning achievement of this pot. The main body is very grainy so it need many more wet sandings and coats of lacquer before I consider it a finished piece but it will be done this week in any case. I also have a couple more in progress that I’m working on that are totally different.

Snow Day

2016-02-15 14.30.27I got an unexpected free day in the shop when we awoke to a good snow storm. I finished several works in progress and even had a bit of time to play a bit. This time with acrylic paints on a black ink background. This bowl was a “toss away” since it had a big gouge in it so it was perfect to practice on. After the “spatter job” I coated the whole think in satin finish lacquer.

2016-02-21 13.53.57

Bowl #2 with acrylics

Another Turned Colored Urn

2016-02-07 15.40.31I was at the tail end of a week long head cold and just grabbed a piece of log and started turning for medicinal purposes. I really liked the piece I had done with the added neck and wanted to revisit that technique. The urn itself is sycamore and the neck is a piece of cherry. The lid may or may not be temporary — I’m not that pleased with it but had an unsolicited complement on it so we’ll have to see. There were other projects I wanted to try but I just wasn’t into getting out the chainsaw to prep new blanks so I worked with what would already fit on my bandsaw and lathe. A few more coats of lacquer may be required though.

Fun with ink

2016-01-31 13.49.27Another black bowl, this one with the top left natural. I originally was going to make the top black but the piece of cherry looked so nice natural that it seemed a shame to blacken it. I did have an industrial spill with the ink making a Rorschach Test on the plywood floor where I was working.  The spindle is 2016-01-31 13.49.35more of the cherry which is ink stained as well. Bowl is maple and measures about 7″ in diameter.

Turning Off Cuts

2016-01-24 13.22.44I still had a small piece of that spalted oak sitting around basically taking up space. The grain was much too nice to chunk it so I arrived at a shape that both the wood and I could work with. There was a lot of black in this piece and the grain was all over the map which made for a pretty interesting dye job. It also needed a bit of a base to keep it stable so with the lid and base I used some cherry off cuts making this whole bowl a scrap project. 2016-01-24 13.23.03There was a lot of “rippling” in the finish due to the nature of oak so I had to wet sand after every 4 coats of lacquer. I think I may have to go another 2 or 3 yet to get the totally flat surface.


Update on Fall Colors

2016-01-17 16.54.572016-01-17 16.55.02I had an old project sitting on bench– the piece called Fall Colors that just needed a little something different. Plus, what wasn’t in the original post is that the bottom was just a wee bit too thin and I got a hole in the bottom. It was too nice to toss so I ended up making a base which led to adding a new neck just to balance it out. The base and neck are both cherry and I turned a solid walnut lid. Now if you look through the top hole it is too dark to notice the small hole in the bottom plus the piece had a totally different look.

Turning a Dyed Vessel

2016-01-10 15.41.14Another forest type project yesterday –also taking advantage of a dip in the wood where I left the bark on. This is a piece of sycamore that needed to be something other than a piece of wood. It stands about 6″ tall and almost 5″ and the widest part. I used a base coat of yellow and light green water based dye as a wash and after drying over night I switched to alcohol dye and a fine sharpie to do the stylistic tree motif. As of yesterday I was up to 6 coats of lacquer but I think it needs more so I rubbed back the finish in preparation for the finish coats. I also need to do a lid for this one. More Views and comments

Lidded oak vessel

2016-01-08 15.14.56I fell behind a bit on my project a day because I didn’t have my camera out in the shop but here is yesterday’s project — a lidded vessel for lack of a better description. I had a wee bit of oddly shaped spalted oak sitting on my bench left over from an earlier project and wanted to use it up. I was able to get about a 5″ diameter out of it but only in one section so it screamed out loud to have a base added. The base and lid are both walnut which accents the colored oak very well. The spindle is maple with black ink. The whole piece is lacquered by brush and will get a good rub down before being sprayed — if it gets warm enough soon. I may flock the inside if I can find my flocking materials this weekend.

That’s Why They Call It The Blues

2016-01-08 15.35.29To paraphrase Donovan Leitch, Blue is a color I rarely use. This time I wanted a straight up blue bowl. I also wanted to try out my new air brush which worked fine but I still need practice to get the blends I want. Of course, the inside is natural with clear coats of shellac. This is the butt end of a piece of sycamore that was used for the last spittoon project. At this point it only has a sealer coat and will be wet sanded today and multiple coats of lacquer applied. I’m thinking I may keep the top as a matt finish and gloss up the bottom section. We’ll see how that looks. I’ll add more photos when complete.More Views and comments